Join Our Dental Savings Plan

An affordable alternative to traditional dental benefits.

Zero Restrictions

Our membership plan is simple and works in your favor.

Traditional dental benefits are complex and can impose limitations on the dental care you receive. They’ve also not kept up with inflation. For example, dental benefit maximums haven’t substantially changed in decades!

Caring for and maintaining your oral health is invaluable. Paying solely out of pocket can become costly and deter you from seeking the oral care you need.

With Neighborhood Dental‘s dental savings program, you can expect:

  • 100% coverage for preventive oral care

  • ALL additional services receive a discount, including dental implants and orthodontics

  • No waiting periods, deductibles, yearly maximums, or denied claims
  • No hidden costs or confusing terms

All savings plans are customizable to accommodate you and your family’s needs. Discover what plan is best for you!

Introducing Our New Partnerships: Extending Savings to Enrolled Patients

Unlocking more value: Save big on specialized dental services with our dental savings plan.

Patients Love Our Dental Savings Plan

We’re confident you will too.
Benefits Start Day One

You’ll have immediate eligibility with no waiting period, claim forms, or pre-authorization requirements.

Transparent Pricing

Get exact costs with an easy-to-understand contract.

Annual Coverage

The plan runs for 12 months from the date of purchase and renews automatically (unless canceled).

Stay Healthy

Prevent cavities and gum disease with 100% coverage of preventive care, including exams and cleanings.

Improve Your Smile’s Appearance

Typically, dental benefits don’t include cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics, but we do!

Save Money

Our membership is perfect if you don’t have insurance, want to cancel your insurance, or want to offer your employees affordable dental benefits.

What’s Included in the Dental Membership?

More than 20% in savings!
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Annual Costs
  • Individual Child: $315
  • Single: $425
  • Dual: $750
  • 1st Family Member: $375
  • 2nd Family Member: $350
  • 3rd Family Member: $325
  • Additional Family Members: $300 each

*See brochure for full details on family plans.

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100% Discount on Preventive Care
  • Comprehensive/Periodic/Limited Exam (two per year)
  • Bitewing X-Rays (once per year)
  • Full Mouth Series/X-Rays/Panorex (one every three years)

  • Prophylaxis (two cleanings per year)
  • Periodontal Maintenance (two per year)
  • Fluoride (two per year – no age limit)
  • Oral Cancer Screenings (two per year)
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15% Discount on Other Procedures
  • Additional Cleanings

  • Additional X-Rays
  • Additional Exams
  • Dental Sealants
  • Fillings & Core Build-Ups
  • Oral Surgery
  • Periodontics
  • Root Canals
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dentures & Partials
  • Dental Implants
  • Veneers
  • Clear Aligners ($500 off)
  • All Other Services and Products

*Maximum allowed discount off any single procedure is $500.

Access Exclusive Discounts at Specialty Clinics for Dental Savings Plan Patients

Your oral health and smile are our top priority!

We’ve partnered with top referral specialists who accept our DSP patients, offering a 15% discount on their services. Discover our special discounts at referral specialists for dental savings plan members.

Convenience Beyond the Norm
Simplifying your family's dental experience.
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Step 1.

Review the brochure and choose a plan that fits your or your family’s needs.

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Step 2.

Please fill out these forms and email them to your respective clinic OR print them out and bring them to your appointment.

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Step 3.

Once you’ve reviewed the brochure and filled out the application forms, pay your annual membership fee online.

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