Dental Savings Plan


An Affordable Alternative to Insurance

Traditional dental benefits are complex and can impose limitations on the dental care you receive. They’ve also not kept up with inflation. For example, dental benefit maximums haven’t substantially changed in decades! Caring for and maintaining your oral health is invaluable. Paying solely out of pocket can become costly and deter you from seeking the oral care you need.


What to Expect:

  • Access to affordable dental care
  • Immediate eligibility with no waiting period
  • 100% coverage for preventive oral care
  • ALL additional services receive a discount, including dental implants and orthodontics (Over 20% in Savings)
  • Discount for additional family members
  • No deductibles, yearly maximums, or denied claims
  • No pre-existing condition limitations

All savings plans are customizable to accommodate you and your family’s needs. Discover what plan is best for you!

How to Sign Up

Please call, email, or stop in for any questions or concerns! To sign up, please complete our Dental Savings Plan forms:

Contract & Sign on

Auto Renewal Contract

Download Our Dental Savings Plan Brochure


‘‘I’ve had a lot of dental work done, both in the past and coming up in the future. Between five crowns, an implant, a bridge going in this year… those are not cheap procedures. The percentage that Neighborhood Dental is saving me with this plan, it’s a no brainer.’’
~Crystal B, Neighborhood Dental Patient & Dental Savings Program Participant